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Our story

Our family has settled down in Fentress County Tennessee!

We have wanted land of our own for a while and finally found a small wooded lot to call home. There were so many trees, which was great!. We did have an area cleared off so that we can build our own small home, tiny home, shed to home... whichever we decide on, because its still a journey!

I lived on a farm in my younger years and my mom taught us to make our own foods. We gardened, canned food, dried fruit, and learned to do many chores and be rewarded for hard work. But as I got older we moved away and I didnt keep those homesteading skills except sewing and making some homemade meals. 

My husband and I have always wanted our own space so we can live simply like we used to and grow our own foods, live off the land and be self-reliant. Living in an RV while we are in planning mode has taught us some good things so far! We've started ways to get and keep water and possibly use the land without utilities if needed. 

We love having the freedom to build and change what we want and design our space how we need. I'm looking forward to a large greenhouse and raising chicken and the hubby wants meat rabbits. Our kids want them as pets, so we'll see how that goes. We'll see what comes our way next.  Our kids are learning a lot. I love when they get outside and enjoy nature. I want to nurture their creative ideas.

What else?? Oh yes, I look forward to getting bees, also!. There is much more.

For now I am making lots of wood crafts with all the extra wood we have laying around. Its so fun. I have to express my artistic side somehow. My daughter likes to as well & you will see us around at the local farmers market, events, and teaching classes around town!

We look forward to learning and sharing skills with one another in the community.

Preparing the RV siding for winter.
Cooking hotdogs over the fire.
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