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Wake Up To Wellness  - Has been canceled

Experience relaxing technique to help rejuvenate your mind/body. Make & take natural soap, herbal infusion, bath salt mixes for your body.

Women gathered at a wellness event

Time & Location

TBD Spring 2024 

Jamestown, TN USA

About The Event

'Wake Up to Wellness' is your chance to honor yourself in a beautiful rising and learn holistic techniques to uplift your lifestyle habits.

Come experience the healing sounds from Diane with Sunjoy Yoga, as she preforms a relaxation meditation with crystal bowls. Opening the event, she will guide us in a unique sound bath of soothing vibrations!

Keynote speaker Lanita Pemberton shares the wealth of wellness earned from her life experiences with ancient healing methods, that sustain her optimal health. In addition, Tricia Fogle will share her journey and the loving experience of nurturing an ADHD/autistic family member, plus the wellness techniques that improved their life.

Following we will have the energetic refreshments. Next we are guided to engage with local holistic collaborators to learn about their expertise. All attendees are encouraged to participate while making natural soap, floral bath salts, herbal-oil infusions, and herbal spice blends which adds to their holistic wellness journey.  A ‘Wellness’ Goodie bag is included for all attendees.

We will enjoy healthy homemade snacks and fresh hydrating beverages during our event, provided by Vibnamic Space and Lou's Moon Juice.

Come be present for a relaxing rejuvenating experience!

Cost is $120 before August 31st. After September 1st $145.


Tentative Agenda: Arrival 9:30 - 9:45am 9:45am Welcome Introduction. 10am Crystal Bowl sound mediation and Keynote Speakers. 11am Refreshments. 11:35am Collaborator Sessions to make your own holistic items. 1:15pm, we gather and mingle while having a gift drawing before we say our goodbyes...

1:15pm Conclusion; Gather for goodbyes & a drawing from several donated items!!


Location given after registration.


Or check, cash, Venmo, Paypal, and Goldbacks.

Contact Tricia 931-256-4975, 803-606-1389

 and Lanita (www.Vibnamic.Space) 931-310-6009


We love supporting local practitioners & local small business!

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