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Ebook digital format/pdf  24 pages

written and compiled by Tricia Fogle

Inlcudes many techniques from other resources.

With 8 Tips/Techniques, you & your child will Learn:

  • Best nutrients & wholefoods: heal the gut and balance you or your childs mood & behavior and overall health from the inside out.
  • Feel calm & relaxed more often: Use EFT Tapping technique to release anxiety and manifest positive outcomes.
  • ​Relax & release tension or stress & anxious feelings: Use essential oils to balance your mood & more.
  • ​​Release negative emotions & help your body heal: Use The Emotion code: your body knows trauma it needs to let go of.
  • Discover best practices regarding EMF exposure: Help protect your environment to keep your family safe.
  • Use touch & reflexology: The importance of human touch and sending signals to the right part of our bodies. Connecting is more beneficial than we realize.
  • Daily actions & useful resources: There are many places, people, knowledge, & methods to support you and your child on this journey.

8 Tips/Techniques for kids w/ ADHD, Autism, & Anxiety

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